Start Your Own Blog

What are you passionate about?

Politics and the state of the world? Start a blog.

Health and fitness? Start a blog.

Putting an end to racism and oppression? Start a blog.

Saving animals? Start a blog.

Making money? Start a blog.

Seriously start a blog!

We live in a really screwed up world in so many ways but today one person can accomplish so much more than they ever could at any other time in human history. The internet has given us the ability to reach people all over the world — lots of people.

I wrote a blog post a few months ago that was getting over 50,000 views a day. 50,000 people! Do you know how hard it would have been for me 20 years ago to reach 50,000 people? But in 2015, you can have your voice heard.

There is a guy living in a Utah cave on ZERO money named Daniel Suelo — he has a blog. He runs it off of computers at his local library. Too bad that guy doesn’t believe in money; I could build him a much better platform to have his voice heard.

Seth Godin often talks about how today we really can change the world around us. Before the internet, people who spoke against the mainstream status quo were considered heretics and they were normally destroyed for their beliefs. But today the heretic survives and prospers. The internet is a powerful thing. Is there something in the world you want to change?

You can and we want to help.

Sites like blogspot,, and blogger will get you set up today for FREE. This is actually a great place to get started if you are not sure about blogging or if you are just not committed to spending a few hundred dollars to have a professional blog built for you.

Stephanie Wimer actually started her popular blog, on a free platform. Today, she gets thousands of views a day. She is changing the world — fighting cancer, fighting obesity, and building up the self-esteems of  her audience by tearing down the norms of American society that produce eating disorders, domestic abuse, and gender injustice.

More coming soon…



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