November Newsletter

This is an exciting time for Walker Logic and WWG LLC.

Strong Figure had its best month ever for total visits to the site!  The kettlebell ebook, 100 Hours of Kettlebells,  is coming out November 11.   And we received our amazing burnout hoodies and long sleeve tees — just in time for the cool weather.

CrossFit Harrisonburg becomes Walker Logic’s newest site.  Click the hyperlink and check them out–one of the best gyms that we have ever been involved with!

Saving Boobs

To follow up from last month, the Barbell for Boobs event was a huge success.  Thank you to everyone who helped raise money for such an important cause.

If you missed out on the fun and you would still like to help, Stephanie just started a fundraising page so click here and give to an awesome cause.  No donation is too small.  Thanks!!!

Top Posts

And here are the top posts for the month.  They are in order.

Special thanks to contributors,  April and Deanna, for their awesome articles!

Strong Figure Top 10 for October

Hot Chicks Who Eat Carbs
7 Rules of a GORUCK: Can You Handle It?
Stop Hatin’ on Hot Women!
Confessions of a Carb-Loader: I’m Back…
Hot Chicks who Eat Carbs 2.0
Revealed: Panera Bread’s Hidden PALEO Menu
CMC at Bryce: The Race That Made Me Cry
Why NO ONE Should Pursue the “Thigh Gap”
Saving Boobs; Saving Lives
Paleo BBQ Brisket


Poor Teachers Top 10 for October

Are You Tired of Poor Grammar?
Improve Your Class Discussions
North Carolina Should Be Ashamed
No More Bad Meetings: Three Mistakes and One Solution
Teacher Performance Evaluation: Instructional Planning
Teacher Evaluation Process: Here we go…
3 Ways I’m a Bad Teacher
Should I get a Facebook?
First Day of School: Students Appreciate Their Learning
9 Year Old Reads Too Many Books, Librarian Fired.





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