May-June Newsletter

Better to Own

I live in a small college town and one of the benefits of living in such a place is the amazing restaurants.   A couple of years ago, one of my favorites closed.  I couldn’t figure out why.  There were always patrons, it was in a great location, and the food was awesome.  Why did it close?  Rumor has it that the landlord raised the rent.  And the owner decided it was better to just close.  Good news is they moved and reopened, but there is a lesson here for all you business owners — it’s better to own than to rent.

How does this relate to your website?

Today more and more businesses rely on Facebook, Linked In, Google + etc… to market their business.  Like our restaurant owner above, if you operate on these sites exclusively than you are playing a dangerous game.  It is becoming easier and easier to own your own domain name.  And cheaper too!

How can Walkerlogic help?

One of the reasons our company works solely with WordPress is that is it is super easy to learn how to use.  After we have built your site we will teach you how to use it!  So you are truly the owner of your site.  No more landlords!


The people at Walkerlogic have been really busy with a few projects but we still plan to officially launch walkerlogic in August.

We will keep you updated on the other sites we are working with — poorteachers, paleofigure etc…


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