February Newsletter

Things have been great with the Walker-Wimer group.  Strongfigure.com keeps getting affiliate offers and so many great things are happening with that site!

This newsletter will be short but here are our top posts for the month of February 2014:


Bikini Bridge
Revealed: Panera Bread’s Hidden PALEO Menu
Improve Your Lifts by 365%
Confessions of a Carb-Loader: I’m Back…
10 Gym Tips for Everyone
Why NO ONE Should Pursue the “Thigh Gap”
Strongman Michael Jenkins 11/3/1982–11/28/2013
Thigh Gap? My Thighs Touch!
Confessions of a Carb-Loader:The Prep Phase
Will Protein Make You Fat?


3 Ways I’m a Bad Teacher
Should I get a Facebook?
Free Money For Teachers
Teacher Performance Evaluation: Instructional Planning
What is a Thigh Gap?
A Hero is Struggling in Your School
Middle School Heroes
Are You Tired of Poor Grammar?
Stop and Celebrate Teachers

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