December Newsletter

Happy Holidays everyone!

November was a great month for Strong Figure. Check out all the new ambassadors when you get a chance.

We also have an exciting new contributor, Amber Vessey, from  Check out her site and posts on strongfigure. 

Here are the top ten posts for Strong Figure from November:

1. Revealed: Panera Bread’s Hidden PALEO Menu
2. Why NO ONE Should Pursue the “Thigh Gap”
3. STOP Feeling Sore!
4. Confessions of a Carb-Loader: I’m Back…
5. Hot Chicks Who Eat Carbs
6. Paleo BBQ Brisket
7. 2014: Be A Better You
8. Hot Chicks who Eat Carbs 2.0
9. Simple, Healthy Thanksgiving Sides
10. Putting CrossFit to the Test: 13.1 Miles

Here are the top ten posts for Poor Teachers from November:

1. Stop and Celebrate Teachers
2, Should I get a Facebook?
3. Are You Tired of Poor Grammar?
4. Are You a Hostage in Your Own Life?
5. 3 Ways I’m a Bad Teacher
6. Teacher Performance Evaluation: Instructional Planning
7. North Carolina Should Be Ashamed
8. No More Bad Meetings: Three Mistakes and One Solution
9. Teacher Evaluation Process: Here we go…
10. Middle School Heroes

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