August and September Newsletter

Strong Figure

Strong Figure continues to grow and expand beyond our expectations! We have so many exciting ideas for Strong Figure and we hope to continue its growth over the next few months.

We have still been primarily focusing on building our followers and brand name. Until we reach some major mile stone goals we will continue to focus on this aspect of Strong Figure and  keep the goal of monetizing the site for the future. In the mean time, please shop at Muscle and Strength, Reebok, Spartan, Rogue and Quest Nutrition Bars — by clicking on one of the banners featured at ;)


Get on our ambassadors page and check out the newest strong figures! They are awesome, inspirational, and great examples of what we believe a true strong figure is — so check them out!

We really love our Ambassador’s Facebook Page and we want to continue to strengthening that part of Strong Figure. Erik is even considering getting a Facebook account just so he can better interact with our like-minded Strong Figures. Our ambassadors are so important to us and we want the page to be a place to help all of us grow in order to reach our goals of fitness, health, and well being. Erik has even proposed a Strong Figure Ambassador newsletter where our ambassadors can share the exciting advances and developments of their own fitness journey – thoughts? contact us and let us know.

Without further ado, here are the top posts of the last 30 days:

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Bikini Bridge
How to do a Healthy Food Prep Under $50
DC Brawlers’ Women Are Stronger Than You

Poor Teachers

WWG is making another attempt at building We have focused the last several months on Strong Figure and that focus will continue; however, we do feel the mission of Poor Teachers is necessary and we hope to build it along side of our other projects.

We currently have a few articles in the works and we plan to publish our next article on the site SOON so keep a look out for that.



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