April Newsletter

Hate to Read?

Walker Logic is proud to announce our newest site, hatetoread.com.  Hate to Read is a site for young adult readers and teachers.  The site helps to connect readers to books they will enjoy.  Check it out!

Two new sites coming soon!

We are currently helping to build two brand new sites, Paleo Figure and Poor Teachers.

Attention cavemen and cavewomen.

Paleofigure.com will be a sister site of strongfigure.com and will feature recipes and advice for following a Paleolithic nutrition plan.  We are super excited at Walker Logic about this site because it will be our first website featuring Premise.  The expected opening will be sometime this summer.

Attention all you poor teachers!

We are also working on a site designed to help teachers, poorteachers.com.  Walker Logic has already designed the site (if you are super curious.)  But stay tuned for the best content a poor teacher could want. Poorteachers.com will officially open in mid to late June.

We are just a few months away from officially launching Walkerlogic.com

And of course, Walkerlogic.com will begin marketing this summer.  It is an exciting time for us and we hope you stay tuned for all the fun and adventure.  Rumor has it that Walker Logic’s tech guy, Erik, might even get a facebook account to help in this endeavor.


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